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New Hire Carolyn

Big Tyme Entertainment would like to welcome Carolyn to the MC Team. She's got an impressive resume and so ready to jump in and help that we are going to start her on 02/24/18. As a former Marine, she will fly through her training and be ready before mid-year wedding surge. We are

Mic Check?

Karaoke at Johnson High School

Every show we provide the best equipment we can for an amazing sound.  We have JBL speakers, cordless audio technica microphones, and a paid subscription to great sounding DJ and Karaoke music. What could possibly go wrong....SQUEALING FEEDBACK!  That's what can go wrong. We have experienced this a lot and especially

Thank you from our Clients

There is no better compliment than our clients texting us the next day letting us know how great everything was at their party. This text comes from David regarding his daughter Delane's 21st Birthday Party. If you need a terrific DJ, either call us at 210-900-2778 or fill out the DJ Request

Karaoke Machine Rental

Karaoke DJ for Birthday Party

The “BETTER” Karaoke Machine Rental We have been approached several times a week about karaoke machine rentals.  I can hear myself repeat over and over again, “We do not rent karaoke machines.  We are a full service DJ/Karaoke Host company”. Immediately, that turns people off.  They have it in their mind what

San Antonio Food Bank Volunteer Karaoke Night

Big Tyme is providing Karaoke night for the volunteer food sorters on July 25th. If you want to help out the San Antonio Food Bank and entertain others with your fabulous singing, you have to register for that shift by contacting Dayna at 210-431-8388. No walk-ons allowed :)

Calm Your “BrideZilla”!

Do you need help calming your Bridezilla Moments? This short video will walk you through some ideas you can use to get your head back in the game and focused on your wedding without making the rest of your Bridal Party mad at you.

Vendor Cancellation – To Help A Bride

The Big Day is fast approaching and you have everything set up with your vendors.  You have signed contracts, and paid deposits, and a list of what you are expecting your vendors to provide. You think “You’re Set”. Then you get an email from one of your vendors.  Not even a phone