How To Hire A Last Minute DJ

Hiring A Last Minute DJ

On July 29th, we were contracted to DJ a 21st birthday for a client.  We had already delivered equipment to the venue and were at home resting up for that night’s show.  It was projected to be over 100 degrees and we wanted to make sure we were ready for the heat.

Around 4 pm, Fred gets a call from a past client that was celebrating their parent’s 50th anniversary that night.  Every child had sponsored a part of the event to take on some of the expense.   Well, the client wished he had paid for the DJ instead of chipping in on the food because the person that hired the DJ didn’t get a contract, didn’t pay a deposit, didn’t hear back from the DJ and eventually, didn’t have a DJ for the evening.  They were in desperate need of a last minute DJ.

At this point, we were in a dilemma.  Even though we are capable of performing more than one event in an evening, we need prior notice to prepare for the event and make sure we have staffing for more than one show.   We weren’t able to accommodate the client, which totally broke our hearts.  We had performed several events for this client in the past 10 years.

Moral of this story, even though you hired a DJ for your event several weeks in advance, make sure you get a contract, pay a deposit, and check in with them at least 3 times in the 2 weeks prior to your party.  Your DJ needs time to prepare your choices of music and to make sure they have working equipment.

If your DJ doesn’t have these things, you didn’t hire a good DJ:

*A contract

* Receipt showing a deposit paid and balance due

* A questionnaire or timeline format for the event listing your choices of music and how to handle requests.

* At least 2 different phone numbers to reach the DJ

Every DJ should treat their craft as a business.  Even if the DJ is super cheap because of lack of experience, do not hire them on their word.  Make sure everything is in writing. A contract will hold them accountable and give you peace of mind.

If you have to hire a Last Minute DJ, be sure to ask them if their library is big enough to handle your pick of genres, are they able to download your music choices they don’t currently have, and how long it will take them to set up and be ready to entertain.

If you have any questions about how we handle our business and clients, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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Karaoke Machine Rental

The “BETTER” Karaoke Machine Rental

We have been approached several times a week about karaoke machine rentals.  I can hear myself repeat over and over again, “We do not rent karaoke machines.  We are a full service DJ/Karaoke Host company”.

Immediately, that turns people off.  They have it in their mind what they want and are not listening or open to anything but what they assume they want.

Here is why Big Tyme Entertainment is so much better than a karaoke machine rental and worth the price we charge for parties.

  1. We arrive an hour before the event (or whenever is convenient for the host) and we set up the equipment and props for the party. Yes, we bring props like hats, wigs, blow up guitars, etc.
  2. We provide a DJ and an MC for the event. We work in teams to provide better customer service to the clients.
  3. Our DJ’s and MC’s are trained to provide a fun experience for everyone involved. We enjoy what we do so it’s easy to extend that “good time” on to the party-goer’s.
  4. We play dance music between singers if there is time. Sometimes, we have karaoke marathon and we keep that going until people are tired of singing.  We try to keep everyone happy.
  5. Our equipment is professional music equipment, not just a PA system you rent and then have to provide your own computer with karaoke music. We come fully loaded with DJ and Karaoke music and over 100,000 songs to choose from.  We carry the genre’s needed per the questionnaire you fill out before the party.
  6. Finally, we pack up and leave when the party is over. No worrying about taking equipment back to the party rental place on Monday or having someone stop by on Sunday when it’s convenient for them, not you.

So, we are not only convenient, we are fun and provide a continuous music experience for the whole party.  You can focus on your hosting duties and not worry about running a karaoke system.  Or, worse yet, appointing someone to run the system who wants to hear heavy metal rock all night and your party is an island theme.  Just doesn’t match.

If you have questions, please send us an email at or call our office at 210-900-2778.  Tell us what you want and need for your event.  We book every party with a contract and small deposit to save your date.

The Rehearsal: Do This To Eliminate Major Stress

When your wedding day is approaching, the last thing you want to think about is how do I get to the alter without stressing out and becoming a bridezilla?

  1. Makeshift Ceremony Site: Make sure that if you aren’t having the rehearsal at the ceremony site, that you do have a place picked that can accommodate a few chairs that can be set up with an aisle.  Here’s the trick to making sure you don’t have any embarrassing moments with your Dad/escort guiding you down the aisle.  Measure the width of your dress.  Have someone measure you and your Dad/escort standing side by side.  Make sure you have the chairs set far enough apart that the aisle will easily accommodate you, your dress and your Dad/escort.  You do not want to have to walk down the aisle by yourself because your dress is so wide it won’t let anyone else walk beside you.  Knowing you, you have already thought of this because you wanted to make sure your runner was wide enough when you ordered it.
  2. The Lineup: If you don’t have an experienced coordinator, you will need to know a few etiquette rules for your ceremony.  Remember, you usually have 45 minutes to an hour to practice the processional and recessional at your ceremony site.  You want to make sure you have the list of your bridal party put in order before you get to the rehearsal.
  3. Last To Be Seated: The Bride’s Mother is seated last. Make sure you have an Usher designated for this task.
  4. Bridal Party Lineup: If the groomsmen are already standing with the Groom and the officiate, then start the procession with your Junior Bridesmaid, followed by your other bridesmaids and ending with your Maid of Honor.  The flower girl walks just before the Bride and her Dad/Escort.  If you pair the bridal party up for the processional, then the groom and officiate should be at the alter before everything starts.  The junior bridesmaid or groomsman starts the bridal party processional, then the bridal party with the Maid of Honor and Best man just before the flower girl and the ring bearer. Finally, the bride and her Dad/Escort will come in, hopefully, to their own music and everyone will be queued to stand in honor of the Bride.
  5. Recessional: On the recessional (after the announcement of “Mr. & Mrs.”), the best man and maid of honor follow the new married couple, the rest of the bridal party matches up and then the last maid and groomsman gather up the flower girl and ring bearer to finish the recessional. The Bride’s parents are first after the bridal party to leave the ceremony site, followed by the Groom’s parents.  Make sure that any unescorted parents are taken care of for the recessional by an usher or another relative.
  6. Music:  If you are having a DJ play the music at the ceremony, see if they will provide either a CD to be played at the rehearsal, or if they can attend the rehearsal to play the music that everyone will be walking too.  You want people to know which song will be playing when they are walking.
  7. Rehearsal refreshments: If you are planning a lunch or dinner for your bridal party, now is the time to acknowledge the people who volunteered to help make your special day come true.  If you have gifts for your bridal party, bring those to the rehearsal.  If your officiate, wedding coordinator or DJ is at the rehearsal, make sure they are invited to the lunch/dinner.  Even though you are paying them, they put in so much more time than you see just to make sure your day is perfect.

These are some ideas on how to get through the rehearsal stress free.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at  Big Tyme Entertainment provides music, DJ, MC, Lighting and Video Projection in the San Antonio area.



Wedding Reception Games

Just a quick note to add fun things to your reception.
Not everyone is interested in dancing to your favorite band or DJ. And, we all know you want to make it fun for everyone in attendance. Why not incorporate some games that benefit you and them?
Here’s a quick list to get your ideas flowing:
1. Shoe Game – Sort of like the Newlywed Game. Questions asked and the bride or groom are the best fit for the answer.
2. Anniversary Dance – all married couples start out dancing, eliminate by number of years married, and the last couple on the floor gives the Bride & Groom advice for many happy years.
3. Interactive table games – I Spy (provide a list of pictures you want them to take and upload from their smart phones to your wedding album app –, Jenga, Anniversary Advice booklets and board games.
4. Outdoor games – horseshoes, giant jenga, washers and ring toss.
5. Finally, the old standby’s are photo booths, caricature artists, and karaoke.

For more information on where you can get some of these games or the props needed, email Janine at or text her at 210-900-2778.

Karaoke in San Antonio

If you like singing and would like to sing on a professional system, Karaoke in San Antonio venues is the perfect place to start.  Karaoke is offered a lot in area bars, but is also offered in restaurants scattered around San Antonio.

Since San Antonio is a city where no smoking is allowed in restaurants and bars alike, you will not have to worry about going somewhere the smoke will choke out your vocal cords.  You can get the same bar experience without the smoke if you are there to entertain the crowd with your favorite rendition of the Eagles Hotel California. Only the bars outside the San Antonio city limits offer venues where smoking is allowed.

If you are hosting a party and you know that Karaoke would be a hit with your guests, you can always hire a DJ that offers Karaoke in their package deal.  There are a few DJ companies in San Antonio that offer karaoke and will play DJ music in between singers to keep your party from getting stale with “dead air”.

Each DJ is different, so make sure you pick a DJ that has all types of music to sing and to play.  Some parties are mainly tejano music or mostly country music and you want a DJ/Host that can accommodate your choices.  Some companies offer hosts and DJs that will not only play the music you want but will also start off the Karaoke singing for you.

One way to make the wise choice of which DJ company to go with is ask if they have a YouTube channel.  You want to make sure you can see them sing.  Just because they have karaoke doesn’t mean they can sing any better than you or your guests.  There has been many DJ’s picked on recommendation from a friend only to find out they either can’t sing or their selection of music is very limited.   Don’t be that person stuck with a horrible singing host that wants to hog the mic all night.

When you hire a Karaoke DJ in San Antonio for your event, make sure you sign a contract that specifies what you are expecting as far as music genres, the equipment you will need and if you want special microphones or special lighting effects.  Some Karaoke DJs will also provide props for your event so be sure to ask.  If they don’t offer props, those can be easily gotten at Party City.  Something as simple as blow up guitars will make your event a lot more fun

In summary, Karaoke DJs in San Antonio can be found in a variety of settings from bars to restaurants and many will offer their services for private parties.  Just make sure you interview them about their song selections, view them singing on YouTube, and they provide you with a contract to protect you and them from a cancellation.

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How to pick DJs in San Antonio

When choosing from the DJs in San Antonio, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Every DJ has their own style. Some DJs in San Antonio use a mixing style and others play the whole song through without “dead air” between songs. Some DJs know Latin music better than Texas Country. Others play better to older crowds than school dances. What style is best for your event?

Another consideration when picking a DJ is professionalism. You want a DJ that treats their gig as a career and not a hobby. Your hobby DJs will be cheaper in price but they won’t have as much experience with events like yours. If you are paying a lot for your event, you want a DJ that will respect your investment and will put on a good show for you and your guests. You want to know that your DJ choice will be handling your guest’s requests with professionalism and will also have the song requested. Most DJs carry an extensive library with their computer and if they don’t have a particular song, they will be able to download a song request from their subscription service.

Most DJ’s that have experience with events like yours will be happy to provide reviews of their prior services to clients. Not all DJ’s have a promo video and even if they do, they are not going to be able to show you everything they can do during a show. That’s where the reviews come in. Make sure the DJ has a list of clients you can contact if you want to find out exactly how their event went. If the DJ has a website, most times they will have testimonials available for 24/7 viewing.

If the DJ you pick is part of a company, most times they will use a contract to book your date. The contract usually consists of the basics of the event time, place, date and the price of their services. All of the equipment required will be included on the contract. All contracts should come with a questionnaire that describes your event and what type of music genres you want played and if there are to be any special announcements made during your party. Also, the contract will list the important people that will be handling changes in the party and also the payment at the end of the event.

Most DJ’s in San Antonio offer package deals for their shows. Included in the package will be the music genres you request, the amount of equipment the DJ will be using and the type of DJ lights they will provide to entertain your guests. If it’s a smaller event such as a backyard family gathering, they will not usually bring a lot of speakers or lights due to space and consideration of your neighbors. If you are having a huge hall gathering like a reunion, wedding, or quinceanera, the DJ will definitely bring equipment to fill the space but it should be tasteful and not over do it on the bass or lights that will make it harder for family or friends to visit.

I hope this article helps you in making the decision of what type of person or company to pick from the DJ’s in San Antonio.

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