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Mic Check?

Karaoke at Johnson High School

Every show we provide the best equipment we can for an amazing sound.  We have JBL speakers, cordless audio technica microphones, and a paid subscription to great sounding DJ and Karaoke music. What could possibly go wrong....SQUEALING FEEDBACK!  That's what can go wrong. We have experienced this a lot and especially

Karaoke Machine Rental

Karaoke DJ for Birthday Party

The “BETTER” Karaoke Machine Rental We have been approached several times a week about karaoke machine rentals.  I can hear myself repeat over and over again, “We do not rent karaoke machines.  We are a full service DJ/Karaoke Host company”. Immediately, that turns people off.  They have it in their mind what

San Antonio Food Bank Volunteer Karaoke Night

Big Tyme is providing Karaoke night for the volunteer food sorters on July 25th. If you want to help out the San Antonio Food Bank and entertain others with your fabulous singing, you have to register for that shift by contacting Dayna at 210-431-8388. No walk-ons allowed :)

Wedding Reception Games

Just a quick note to add fun things to your reception. Not everyone is interested in dancing to your favorite band or DJ. And, we all know you want to make it fun for everyone in attendance. Why not incorporate some games that benefit you and them? Here's a quick list to