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How to pick DJs in San Antonio

When choosing from the DJs in San Antonio, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Every DJ has their own style. Some DJs in San Antonio use a mixing style and others play the whole song through without “dead air” between songs. Some DJs know Latin music better than Texas Country. Others play better to older crowds than school dances. What style is best for your event?

Another consideration when picking a DJ is professionalism. You want a DJ that treats their gig as a career and not a hobby. Your hobby DJs will be cheaper in price but they won’t have as much experience with events like yours. If you are paying a lot for your event, you want a DJ that will respect your investment and will put on a good show for you and your guests. You want to know that your DJ choice will be handling your guest’s requests with professionalism and will also have the song requested. Most DJs carry an extensive library with their computer and if they don’t have a particular song, they will be able to download a song request from their subscription service.

Most DJ’s that have experience with events like yours will be happy to provide reviews of their prior services to clients. Not all DJ’s have a promo video and even if they do, they are not going to be able to show you everything they can do during a show. That’s where the reviews come in. Make sure the DJ has a list of clients you can contact if you want to find out exactly how their event went. If the DJ has a website, most times they will have testimonials available for 24/7 viewing.

If the DJ you pick is part of a company, most times they will use a contract to book your date. The contract usually consists of the basics of the event time, place, date and the price of their services. All of the equipment required will be included on the contract. All contracts should come with a questionnaire that describes your event and what type of music genres you want played and if there are to be any special announcements made during your party. Also, the contract will list the important people that will be handling changes in the party and also the payment at the end of the event.

Most DJ’s in San Antonio offer package deals for their shows. Included in the package will be the music genres you request, the amount of equipment the DJ will be using and the type of DJ lights they will provide to entertain your guests. If it’s a smaller event such as a backyard family gathering, they will not usually bring a lot of speakers or lights due to space and consideration of your neighbors. If you are having a huge hall gathering like a reunion, wedding, or quinceanera, the DJ will definitely bring equipment to fill the space but it should be tasteful and not over do it on the bass or lights that will make it harder for family or friends to visit.

I hope this article helps you in making the decision of what type of person or company to pick from the DJ’s in San Antonio.

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