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Mic Check?

Karaoke at Johnson High School

Every show we provide the best equipment we can for an amazing sound.  We have JBL speakers, cordless audio technica microphones, and a paid subscription to great sounding DJ and Karaoke music.

What could possibly go wrong….SQUEALING FEEDBACK!  That’s what can go wrong. We have experienced this a lot and especially this last week.

Unfortunately, sometimes, we have to set up in small areas or areas that don’t give us optimal placement of our speakers.

If that happens at your party, be sure to put the speakers in front of the singers or presenters.  That way there will be no cross frequency that will cause the SQUEAL.

We do our best as DJ’s to control the microphones, but we can’t stop you from walking in front of a speaker with a hot mic.  Just keep in mind, if you are close to a speaker with a cordless microphone, there is a 99% you will have feedback that will cause everyone in the room to cringe.  In order to look and sound professional, stay out of the range of the frequency of the speaker.  Everyone will love you!

Quick recap, if you are making presentations or singing Karaoke, be sure to be behind the speakers at your event.  You will look and sound amazing!

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Janine has been running and participating in Big Tyme Entertainment's business since 2004. She takes care of the client's event needs and makes sure the DJ's have what they need to perform each show. We strive for a perfect show every time.