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St. Anthony Wedding

Recently, the top 7 historic hotels were listed in Wall Street Cheat Sheet ranked by their readers.

For anyone that has not seen San Antonio, there is a rich history in our neck of the woods.

With so many choices in event centers/venues, it’s really hard to pick one based on beauty alone.




So, we’ll narrow down the results by your preferences:

  1. Old and historical, updated and chic, or rustic and comfortable?
  2. Easy for everyone to get to, or send a limo to get all the guests?
  3. Design the space your way or have the in-house coordinator take care of the details?

These are some questions that brides don’t consider because they are more concerned with price and dates.

Depending on your date, there are some really reasonable venues that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  If it’s March or April, you can have an outside wedding that can be as little as $250 for the afternoon/evening.   That particular venue is rustic and historical but plenty big enough for a 100 guests.

Spend the money on your dress, the catering, and your entertainment.  Those are the three things that guests will remember when attending your nuptials.  Of course, everyone remembers the bad stuff like how much it cost to valet park or how far they had to walk in heels on either gravel or grass to get to your setting.

We have been helping bride and grooms plan their special day for almost 10 years.  We understand the number one concern to MOST couples is the cost.  Our company has networked with some amazing vendors to help keep your costs down while still providing an amazing experience for the celebration night.

If you want to talk about any aspect of your wedding with us, Janine is ready and waiting to help you make informed decisions.

Congratulations on your engagement and don’t hesitate to ask if you need help with planning your San Antonio wedding.

Karaoke in San Antonio

If you like singing and would like to sing on a professional system, Karaoke in San Antonio venues is the perfect place to start.  Karaoke is offered a lot in area bars, but is also offered in restaurants scattered around San Antonio.

Since San Antonio is a city where no smoking is allowed in restaurants and bars alike, you will not have to worry about going somewhere the smoke will choke out your vocal cords.  You can get the same bar experience without the smoke if you are there to entertain the crowd with your favorite rendition of the Eagles Hotel California. Only the bars outside the San Antonio city limits offer venues where smoking is allowed.

If you are hosting a party and you know that Karaoke would be a hit with your guests, you can always hire a DJ that offers Karaoke in their package deal.  There are a few DJ companies in San Antonio that offer karaoke and will play DJ music in between singers to keep your party from getting stale with “dead air”.

Each DJ is different, so make sure you pick a DJ that has all types of music to sing and to play.  Some parties are mainly tejano music or mostly country music and you want a DJ/Host that can accommodate your choices.  Some companies offer hosts and DJs that will not only play the music you want but will also start off the Karaoke singing for you.

One way to make the wise choice of which DJ company to go with is ask if they have a YouTube channel.  You want to make sure you can see them sing.  Just because they have karaoke doesn’t mean they can sing any better than you or your guests.  There has been many DJ’s picked on recommendation from a friend only to find out they either can’t sing or their selection of music is very limited.   Don’t be that person stuck with a horrible singing host that wants to hog the mic all night.

When you hire a Karaoke DJ in San Antonio for your event, make sure you sign a contract that specifies what you are expecting as far as music genres, the equipment you will need and if you want special microphones or special lighting effects.  Some Karaoke DJs will also provide props for your event so be sure to ask.  If they don’t offer props, those can be easily gotten at Party City.  Something as simple as blow up guitars will make your event a lot more fun

In summary, Karaoke DJs in San Antonio can be found in a variety of settings from bars to restaurants and many will offer their services for private parties.  Just make sure you interview them about their song selections, view them singing on YouTube, and they provide you with a contract to protect you and them from a cancellation.

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